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Our success as a professional service firm is based on our ability to meet the needs of our clients on a wide variety of engagements. We also believe that it is our relationships and responsiveness to our clients through a commitment of shareholder involvement that sets us apart from other firms.

Growing a Business

Tradeshow floor

Our client was a businessman who launched a trade show company, starting with a single show in Cleveland.

Richlak, Lawyer & Co. was engaged soon after the business’s launch to act as CFO and Controller. We processed all payments, tracked all receivables, managed payroll, and prepared the business and owner’s personal income tax returns. By outsourcing accounting services to us, our client was able to grow his business without worrying about accounting or hiring more accounting staff. And in less than a decade his accounting needs did grow, as his business turned into a multi-million dollar corporation with trade shows all across America.

Many of our clients are small businesses who outsource their accounting to us so they can focus on growing their business. We can easily increase our level of services to match your business’s size.