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Our success as a professional service firm is based on our ability to meet the needs of our clients on a wide variety of engagements. We also believe that it is our relationships and responsiveness to our clients through a commitment of shareholder involvement that sets us apart from other firms.

Accounting for a Nonprofit

Healthcare patient care

Our client is a nonprofit healthcare organization that provides care for nearly 300 patients. The organization’s accounting involved many Excel spreadsheets, but no clear procedures to ensure that all transactions were completely recorded. Bills were filed away without being properly entered. The staff was becoming frustrated as they were spending more and more time struggling with accounting issues.

Richlak, Lawyer & Co. was brought in to organize the accounting system. We reviewed the accounts and corrected mistakes. We had to restate the previous year’s financial statements. Once we had reconciled all of the account balances, the client employed our our Turn-Key Accounting Services. We handle all accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, pension and cash activities, prepare their financial statements and income tax returns, and provide audit support as needed.

Nonprofits can have the same accounting problems as for-profit organizations. The staff was delighted to spend less time with accounting and more time where it counted–with the patients.